TUG's Purpose...
"TUG" stands for the Toronto Users Group for Power Systems. Our purpose is to provide a professional forum for the presentation and exchange of ideas that pertain to IBM midrange computers (mainly eServer iSeries / AS/400 / System i / Power Systems), and related subjects for users, from the technical, management, and end-user perspectives.

The IBM midrange computers are used primarily in the business, financial and manufacturing/distribution communities, however the computers are used in all communities that have applications that require the use of large and fast databases.

Some Statistics...
The number of users on each machine can vary from a few to thousands of users. The cost of a small installation starts at about $30,000 while large installations can exceed millions of dollars.

The TUG membership roster consists of over 350 corporations, representing over 1000 individual I/S professionals.

Every second month since 1985, TUG has been setting up meetings for its members. Meetings are usually scheduled for the second last (penultimate) Wednesday evenings of January, March, May, September, and November. Admission is free of charge to members. Meeting location may vary. Please check our agenda for the next meeting location.

For more information...

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