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TUG Board Election

Less than 3 weeks left to submit your BoD nomination!

Have you thought of becoming a Director of TUG? At the January we announced that Nominations are open from now through Tuesday March 20th for candidates interested in running for a Board seat during this year's general election. To enter, simply send an email to admin@tug.ca expressing your willingness to serve.

The following list of principles should be considered by members seeking to become a TUG Director. TUG Directors are expected to:
     • Maintain active membership in TUG and keep their membership dues current
     • Attend at least 50% of TUG Board meetings and/or TUG events
     • Uphold and abide by the official bylaws of TUG
     • Act in a professional manner as a representative of TUG
     • Advocate on behalf of the IBM i platform

Candidates will be announced at the March 21st MoM. If there is a sufficient number of candidates, the election will take place by electronic ballot during the month of April, and the results will be announced at the May Meeting.

The incumbents running this year are:
     • Jay Burford
     • Glenn Gundermann
     • Dale Perkins

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Register Now for TEC 2018

Plan to join your peers for two days of intensive professional development, networking and fun at TEC 2018, where we intend to "TEC it to the Limit!" To celebrate our 25th TEC, your TEC committee has arranged for a special new venue (The Toronto Don Valley Hotel) and are inviting the world's top IBM i speakers. We will be providing sumptuous meals, digital handouts, free parking, and much more... Mark your calendar now for Wednesday & Thursday May 30 & 31, 2018, when you will be able to deepen your knowledge on the latest IBM i technologies.

Note: If you register from now through March 31, 2018, TUG members can take advantage of a $100 discount on the admission fee.

Our developers are working on an enhancement to our new registration system which will allow you to sign on and register multiple people on a single order. However, for the time being, each attendee must create their own profile and register individually. Nevertheless, if you want multiple registrations to be combined on a single invoice, let us know via email and we will accommodate you. (Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.)

Register for TEC2018 at: www.tug.ca/tec/Reg

Conference Prices:

    Full Conference Rate:
        • TUG Members $695 (plus HST)
        • Non-members $795 (plus HST)
    Early Bird Discounts:
       TUG members save $100 until March 31, 2018


TEC 2018 PDF flyer

TEC is the Toronto Users Group’s annual Technical Education Conference. We have a very intense lineup of topics including, but not limited to:

    • IBM i & RPG IV Application Development
    • Performance Management
    • Web and Mobile Development on IBM i
    • Modernizing your IBM i Applications
    • Accessing and Optimizing IBM i data
    • IBM i System Management
    • Client Connectivity
    • Database Design & Normalization
    • Open Source Languages
    • Virtualization
    • IFS

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Register (as a TEC EXPO sponsor) online at:
www.tug.ca/tec/SponsorRegForm.php Read More

Download the Sponsor Invitation (PDF) at: www.tug.ca/tec/TEC2018_Sponsor-Invitation.pdf Read More

Download the TEC 2018 conference brochure (PDF) at: www.tug.ca/tec/TEC2018_Feb-Mar_flyer.pdf Read More


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TUG's New Meeting Registration System

We have a new system for registering for TUG meetings. You no longer have to enter your contact information every time you register for a TUG event. You just create a profile using your email address and create a password. Then when you want to register for a TUG event, you simply sign on and click a checkbox beside the event you plan to attend. (Or if you need to cancel, you uncheck that checkbox to unregister for the event.)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Follow the link to SIGN ON / REGISTER below, or on the TUG Web site main page, or on the TUG Agenda page.
  2. Click “CREATE PROFILE”, fill in your contact information, and click “ENTER”.

            (A verification email will be sent to the email address that you supplied.)

  1. Close the current window and follow the verify email link in order to activate your new account.
  2. Enter your email & password and click SIGN ON.
  3. You can now click on a checkbox beside an event for which you want to register.

            (For future events, repeat steps 1, 4,  and 5 only.)


• For more information about an event, click the + sign beside the event.

• To see whether you are already registered for an event, sign on and look at the check box beside that event. If there is a check mark there – you are registered. If you are unable to attend, please make sure to cancel your registration (by unchecking the checkbox). Thus, you can help save our members’ money, by allowing us to make an accurate count of seats and meals required.

• At any time, you can sign on and EDIT your PROFILE.

• Optionally, you can add additional email(s) to your profile. This is a good idea because, in case one of your emails becomes inoperable – you can still sign on with an alternate email & password. (By the way, you can use the same password for multiple emails if you wish).

• The email(s) that you use to sign on do not affect your subscription to the TUG Buzz, or other email lists from TUG. This is a separate process. To subscribe, see “SUBSCRIBE TO TUG BUZZ” under the “FUNCTIONS” pull-down menu.

Phase II:

• We are currently working on Phase II enhancements. The main new feature to be incorporated will be the ability for a person with a profile to register other people for an event. (For example, you could register a foursome for Golf, or register multiple people for TEC, to be combined on a single invoice.) The registrant will receive an email to let them know who registered on their behalf.

• If you register someone who does not have a profile, that person can create a profile at a later date, and their registration info will be linked up with their profile info.

• For the time being, each person wanting to register for a TUG event will have to create their own profile. Sorry for the (temporary) inconvenience..

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TUG Gold Sponsor press release

By Jim Kandrac


VAULT400 Returns:
Welcome Back, Old Friend

Three decades can go by in a flash when you enjoy what you do and have a passion for solving client problems. It’s hard to believe that Friday, December 8 marked UCG Technology’s 30th anniversary! It was just before the holidays in 1987 that I decided to "control my destiny" and pursue a dream to run my own IT company.

At the time, UCG was primarily a dealer/lessor/broker of IBM midrange equipment and peripherals. Today, 40% of our business is IBM Power (i) hardware related, and nearly 60% is managed services and niche solutions.

I don’t want to dwell on the past, because the technology business is about moving forward. In looking at how we would mark this anniversary, though, we decided to take a page from our history and resurrect a brand that many people know as well as UCG Technologies: VAULT400.

 Why would we bring back a service whose name we quietly retired two years ago? Remember New Coke.  
In 1985, the Coca-Cola Company introduced a reformulated version of its flagship product that attempted to address what it believed were changing customer tastes. Coke did extensive research prior to making the change, and was convinced that New Coke would be a hit. What it didn’t account for was the considerable sentimental attachment Coke drinkers had to the original formula. The negative backlash was immediate and powerful, prompting Coke to hastily reintroduce its original formula and quietly retire New Coke.

Our experience with VAULT400 followed a similar, though less dramatic story line. Two years ago we conducted customer research and focus group tests that indicated that the VAULT400 brand was seen by some customers as a little long in the tooth. Not wanting to be behind the times, we decided to change the name to “UCG Enterprise Cloud Backup and DR" and more recently to "IBM i Cloud Backup & DRaaS".

What we didn’t anticipate was the name recognition VAULT400 had developed. It was unique and memorable. I’ve personally had new prospects tell me they don’t know UCG Technologies, but they do know VAULT400. A Google search of VAULT400 yields more than 550 results, all related to our service. The name is easy to remember in contrast to the tongue-twisting "UCG Enterprise Cloud Backup and DR".

What were we thinking?
So welcome back, VAULT400! You rejoin our expanding family that includes Enterprise Security Training; IBM POWER8 Systems; and Enterprise Management Software. UCG Technologies now does business in 31 states, Canada and the Caribbean. We’ve added dynamic young leaders like Matt Paterini to help keep our eyes fixed on the future. And we have changed and evolved our brand from the original United Computer Group, Inc. to UCG Technologies. Because sometimes a new name really is a good thing.

I’ve never been more excited about what’s going on in information technology or about the future opportunities for UCG Technologies and our clients. To all of you who have helped us grow through these past 30 years, thank you. To all of you who will continue our growth over the next 30 years, we are looking forward to meeting you. 


Jim Kandrac, President & Founder

Download article in PDF

7100 E. Pleasant Valley Road, Suite #250  Independence, OH 44131-5556
800.211.8798 | ucgtechnologies.com|info@ucgtechnologies.com


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TUG is the proud recipient of a 2017/ 2018 Maxava iFoundation grant.


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