Dear IBM i Community member:

Today is the last day to register for Paul Tuohy's seminar on Modernising RPG Applications.

I've said before that education is priceless.  This isn't exactly true.  You can buy education; it's knowledge you can't buy.  Similarly, you can't buy experience.  You have to take the education.  You have to live the experience.

I've also said that if you learn just one thing then it makes the whole day worthwhile.  I remember a one-day seminar a long time ago where I learned about a new thing called Service Entry Points.  That was worth a milling dollars to me all by itself.

Some people aren't willing to put in the effort.  TUG is.  We continually try to arrange the best education opportunities for our members.  Paul Tuohy is a distinguished speaker who comes to us from Ireland and is a frequent speaker at the COMMON conference.  RPG has been around for more than 30 years.  This seminar by Paul for modernising RPG applications speaks to where we need to go with the IBM i.

Come meet Paul and some of your fellow peers tackling today's issues to handle tomorrow's requirements. (See details below...)

You won't know what you're missing unless you attend this session.

Yours in education,

Glenn Gundermann, TUG Treasurer

Modernising RPG Applications
with Paul Tuohy

Tuesday October 24, 2017

Another special day for TUG members and other IBM i professionals        

LOCATION: Sandman Signature Mississauga

5400 Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON, L4W 4T4

Modernising RPG Applications

(Lecture Only -- Laptop NOT Needed)

Paul TuohyStill stuck in an RPG/400 world?

Well, this exciting Workshop will show you how modern programming practices and tools can transform your old monolithic RPG applications into a modern, highly modularized form that will position your business for the future.

Rather than just throw hours of theory at you, this seminar takes a sample application and follows it through the process of converting from RPG/400 or basic RPG IV to full usage of RPG IV and ILE features, modularizing the code, adding DB2 UDB features and even replacing the green-screen with a graphical or browser-based interface. more.


  • Introduction
  • Use the Right Tools
  • Making Use of RPG IV
    - Beyond the Basics
  • Triggers
  • Moving RPG to ILE
    - the Basics
  • Really Moving RPG to ILE
    - subprocedures
  • Referential Integrity
  • Externalizing
  • Ready for the Web

Sandman Signature Mississauga

Room: Ojibwa / Irquois

5400 Dixie Road, Mississauga

Registration  7:30 am - 8:30 am
Continental Breakfast  7:30 am - 8:30 am
Morning workshop  8:30 am – 12:00 noon
Lunch  12:00 noon - 1:00 pm
Afternoon workshop  1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

  • TUG Member : $249 (+tax)
  • Non-Member: $299 (+tax)

  • ** Lunch & Coffee Breaks Included **
  • ** FREE Parking **

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