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TUG TEC 2014 "i Can Do IT"

Tim Rowe21st Annual Technical Education Conference
April 24-25, 2014 • Seneca @ York

Keynote Speaker - Tim Rowe

Tim Rowe is the Business Architect for Application Development and Systems Management for IBM i. He is based in Rochester MN.

He has been working on IBM i for nearly all of the machine's existence, originally working in the core of the operating system and then transitioning to the Web middle infrastructure team. Leading many of the web integration projects for IBM i.

He has been a proponent of modernization for many years, looking for new and better ways to help our IBM i developers continue to be success on the IBM i platform.

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** Keynote Session ** Overdue: A Time to Modernize

Modernization is a theme on the mind of many. There are many pressures to be running 'modern' applications on modern systems. There is a wealth of technology already available today to help you modernize. We will first take a look at what does modernization mean and then dig into how you can approach modernization to help you make your IBM i applications look and feel new. That can be either though a Web interface or even a Mobile device. You can choose to create your own from scratch or leverage one of the many resources already available. These technologies can help you achieve remarkable transformations almost overnight. You just need to do your part and get going!

Other TEC 2014 sessions by Tim Rowe:

    • 21B - IBM i Trends and Direction
    • 23D - Time for a Change: An Overview of the Next Generation of IBM i Access
    • 11A - Practical Web Services for RPG
    • 14A - Navigator for i, What’s new - I mean really new!
    • 24D - Mobile to Go, Overview of Mobile Technologies on IBM i

Conference Prices

    Full Conference Rate:
        • TUG Members $695 (plus HST)
        • Non-members $795 (plus HST)
        • MoM Discount: If you were in attendance at the March 19 MoM,
you qualify for a $100 discount. (You must register by March 31, 2014.)

  TEC 2014 PDF brochure

TEC is the Toronto Users Group’s annual Technical Education Conference. This year, once again, we will be conducting the event at the York University Keele Street Campus in conjunction with Seneca College, with a new and exciting agenda! We have a very intense lineup of main themes including, but not limited to:
    • Performance Management
    • Web and Mobile Development on IBM i
    • IBM i & RPG Application Development
    • Modernizing your IBM i Applications
    • Accessing and Optimizing IBM i data
    • IBM i System Management

We have invited some of the industry’s top speakers, including: Tim Rowe, Aaron Bartell, Jim Cooper, Susan Gantner, Charles Guarino, Jackie Jansen, Scott Klement, Kent Milligan, Barbara Morris, Jon Paris, Robin Tatam, John Valance, Eden Watt, and many others!

Register for TEC2014 at: www.tug.ca/reg_meet_form.php

TECRegister (as a TEC EXPO sponsor) online at:
www.tug.ca/tec/sponsorRegForm.php Read More

Download the Sponsor Invitation (PDF) at: www.tug.ca/tec/tec2014_Sponsor-Invitation.pdf Read More

Download the TEC 2014 conference brochure (PDF) at: www.tug.ca/tec/tec2014_brochure.pdf Read More

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TUG MoM Door Prize Winners

The winners of the door prizes (high capacity USB drives) were: Mike Marston (TD Securities) and Vincent Forbes. Congratulations! (Note: Only those who register in advance are eligible to win a door prize at the Meetings of Members.)

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TUG Golf Classic 2014

We will be back again at St. Andrews Valley on June 26, 2014, but in order to book the course, we had to promise a minimum of 72 players. So we need everyone to book early.

Download the flyer at: www.tug.ca/Golf/TUG-Golf-2014.PDF

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iDev Cloud

Sign up now for iDevCloud! You will be able to:

  • Share between multiple developers
  • Get private library and storage
  • Have access to most of the IBM i development tools
  • Select i7.1… for now and move to 8.1 as soon as available.
  • Have All compilers for IBM i tools available

The Performance is monitored by system managers with adjustments as needed. The system is accessible at anytime from anywhere in the world. Just a computer and an internet connection are needed. Any work done on the system stays on the system until removed by its owner.

Contact Leo Lefebvre at leo@tug.ca to get started.

(*Free startup for TUG members.)

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The Toronto Users Group for Power Systems (TUG) is a user group/forum for the exchange of ideas, and specializes in providing affordable education relating to the IBM iSeries, AS/400, System i, and Power Systems platforms. TUG is in its 29th year of operation.

TUG is the proud recipient of a 2013 / 2014 Maxava iFoundation grant.


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