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  1. March Meeting of Members
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TUG Meeting of Members
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The March MoM is next Wednesday. Don't forget to register online...

register www.tug.ca/reg_meet_form.php

LOCATION: Living Arts Centre Mississauga

IBMADMISSION: Free (Sponsored by IBM)


4:30 Sign up & Greeting

Scott Urness 5:00 Session 1: Manage, Integrate and Automate with IBM Systems Director on IBM i

  • Speaker: Scott Urness
    - IBM Rochester, MN

  • We will discuss how System Director helps users manage physical and virtual resources across the entire IBM Systems portfolio and across multiple virtualization environments as well.... Read more.

6:00 Intermission (Buffet Dinner & Networking)

Jim Cooper7:00 Session 2: Programming RPG Web Application with Ajax, JSON, and 'jQuery'

  • Speaker: Jim Cooper
    - Lambton College

  • This session introduces Ajax, JSON, and 'jQuery' technologiesfor RPG Web applications. We discuss what each technology is and examine how the four technologies work together to produce dynamic Web applications. Read more.

8:45 Wrap Up and Door Prize Draw

Register now for the TUG MoM at www.tug.ca/reg_meet_form.php


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TEC 2012 is our annual technical IT conference for Toronto User Group members. For the past 2 years, we have done this in conjunction with Seneca@York. TEC 2012 is shaping up!

Location : Seneca@York U Keele Street Campus,

  • SEQ Building (Registration, Lecture type rooms, amphitheatre, Lunch and Hospitality room)
  • TEL Building (Hands on labs with access to Internet, Linux Servers, Unix Server, Windows servers, iSeries)
  •  Schulich School of Business (Executive and Management functions and Hotel)


  • Sunday April 22: Setup
  • Monday April 23: Conference Day 1 and evening Dinner at Schulich
  • Tuesday April 24: Conference Day 2, ending with Technical Keynote

TUG Member price will be extended to GTP PHP Meetup, East Toronto PHP Meetup, Hackernest Members.

  • Members: $395 ($245 for 1-day)
  • Non-Members: $495 ($295 for 1-day)
  • Evening Dinner: $50 per attendee, $90 per non-attendee

Fees include full admission, lunch and breaks for both days plus conference T-Shirt. Keynote dinner is additional.

Featured Technical Speaker:

Chris Tyler will be speaking at 12:45 – 1:45 pm Tuesday April 24 in Room 1206 in the SEQ Building: Seneca@York. Come and learn all about the revolutionary ARM processors; the spectrum of applications it is suited for; and the role of OpenSource, Fedora, and Seneca College in all of this. Please check out this article from the Toronto Star: www.thestar.com/business/article/1138709--35-computer-with-toronto-designed-software-sells-out-worldwide-in-minutes.

Chris will talk about the Raspberry Pi on one end of the ARM computing spectrum, and ARM in the enterprise data centre on the other end. The Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) within Seneca College works with the Fedora ARM group within the Fedora Project to produce a build of Fedora for ARM devices. The $35 Raspberry Pi hardware went on sale last week, and as with every other event related to the Pi, pandemonium ensued! It's front page news in the Toronto Star, its featured on CBC, and the mainstream media is starting to take note. It even beat out Lady Gaga as a worldwide Twitter trend!

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card-sized motherboard, sold without a case, which can be connected to a TV, monitor, mouse or keyboard. It will include an Ethernet port, and 2 USB ports. It features an ARM 700 MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM and a removable SD-card for storage. It runs an open-source software built at Toronto's Seneca College, by a team under the leadership of Chris Tyler.The fact that it sells for $35 heralds a new era of computing.

Our TEC 2012 conference is for users who want to explore web, open source, and IBM system trends. Get details on speakers, topics, and session grids at: www.tug.ca/tec. Register for TEC2011 at www.tug.ca/tec/tec2012_reg.html.

TEC 2012 Registration

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TUG Night School Continues


Notice we have now added an RPG Open Access Class. Follow the link at http://tnsseneca.wordpress.com/iseries-classes/ops203/  This class replaces OPS203 and will be taught by Garry Kipfer with the support of Barbara Morris and the IBM Canada Lab. Check our blog for more details.

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Remaining Courses:
Link Course Name MBR PUB Start Days Instructor
SQL for i
$425 $525 Mar 12 4
Russell Pangborn
RPG Open Access
$350 $450 Mar 28 4
Garry Kipfer
PHP on i
$350 $450 Apr 16 3
Mark Buchner

TNS QR code

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Register for TUG Night School at www.tug.ca/tns/TNSReg.html

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