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Sept. 1, 2010


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The Toronto Users Group  
 for Power Systems (TUG) is a user group/forum for the exchange  
 of ideas, and specializes  
 in providing affordable 
  education relating to the  
 IBM iSeries, AS/400,  
 System i, and Power Systems platforms.  

 TUG is in its 26th year of operation.


Welcome to TUG's eNewsletter: "TUG Buzz!"


  1. Next MoM - Sept 22 at the LAC
  2. TUG's 25th Anniversary Celebration
  3. TEC Blog - In the Power Zone

Next MoM — Sept. 22 at the Living Arts Centre Mississauga

5:00 pm

Topic: Recent IBM POWER 7 Announcements
"What They Mean for System i Users"

Speaker: Dale Perkins

Dale Perkins is a Consulting IT Specialist with IBM providing Technical Support for Power Systems. He works directly with IBM customers primarily in the Finance and Retail industries to assist them in building robust and flexible infrastructures. Dale has been with IBM for 30 years starting focusing on the mid range product line starting with the System/34 and the System/38.

During his time at IBM he has spent most of his time working directly with accounts. His roles have included, Systems Architect and national responsibility for Server Consolidation on System i, and new workloads like windows integration and telephony. He has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan and is an IBM Certified IT Specialist.

6:00 pm — Intermission (Buffet & Social)

7:00 pm

Topic: Web UI Technology
Speaker: Vic Metcalfe

Just as ANSI and 5250 terminals were the universal client of the past, the Web has become today’s universal client. Programmers need to understand HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build Web front-ends, and at least one server side technology such as PHP to build modern Rich Internet Applications (RIA’s). In this talk, Vic Metcalfe, who has been working with PHP and other web technology for over 12 years, will walk you through each of these components so that you will understand the role of each in building Rich Internet applications.

Vic's presentation will include an introduction and coding samples for HTML and XHTML, review the key tags, design sample lists and tables, show the role of HTML, XHTML, and HTML 5 validation, and discuss viable editors including notepad, vi, Dreamweaver, etc. Vic will also introduce Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and Web forms and will touch on systems integration issues. This session is an excellent pre-requisite for understanding how to deploy PHP and other dynamic Web UI development tools in an IBM Systems environment.

Vic Metcalfe has over 12 years experience in Internet and Web-based application design, architecture and development. He is a world-class PHP resource and has used his skill in multiple capacities. Vic is President of Zymurgy Systems, which is an ISV and creator of a variety of PHP-based software offerings including medical systems, media systems, content management and project management tools. Vic has also run CANTECH Systems, a hosting and ISP services company which has hosted thousands of sites and customers. Vic is currently involved in IBM Systems consulting, education, and design through the company COSAM Systems Inc.

Many TUG members may recall Vic as the person who hosted and introduced Zend co-founder Zeev Suraski at the TEC 2010 keynote event. Vic is an ardent PHP evangelist and community leader who is also supporting TUG’s “Night School at Seneca” classes, teaching PHP and HTML hands-on development.


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What topics would you like to see at future conferences and MoMs?   Drop us a line with your suggestions at: leo@tug.ca.

TUG's 25th Anniversary Celebration

Let’s party! TUG will hold a celebration of 25 years at the Sky Club in Mississauga. (www.skyrestaurantlounge.com/contact.html)

Roger truemanFor only $25 per person you can have a meal out with your spouse and be entertained by a top quality act on Friday, October 1, 2010.

Dinner is at 7:00 pm and the band starts at 9:00 pm. The show will feature Roger Trueman, who has been performing for many years. He will also be playing the main showroom at the Old Mill on October 19th. In the past he has opened up for Ronnie Hawkins, Freddy Cannon, the Platters, and Bobby Curtola. He has played the Leows Westbury, most of the Toronto area Nags Head clubs and many other clubs in the GTA. Roger has also played the Bandshell in Ontario Place and played to about 3,000 people in Maple Leaf Gardens. In addition, TUG Board member Russell Pangborn will be up on stage with Roger.

Along with the food and show we will have lots of activities to support one of TUG’s favourite charities. Some of you may want to try your luck as “doo wap” backup singers to a song for five dollars a pop. The more creative of you may want to try an Al Yankovic type of thing where either you, or our singer gets up to vocalize on your adapted words to Hooked on a Feeling. Get your licks in about our beloved platform, IBM’s marketing of it, or anything else that you can make rhyme and fit in with the melody. We can select the best one or two of the entries and either sing it for you or let you try it.

One of Roger’s sets features Elvis Presely tunes. Any of you who would like to try your luck can get up for $10 each. If you are a little nervous we won’t mind three or four Elvis’s singing at one time. (As long as you can agree on the same song…)

There is limited seating so let us know ASAP how many tickets you want and we will accommodate as many people as possible. Make your reservation online at www.tug.ca/forms/anniv-25/reservation.html or call and leave a message at 905-607-2546, or email admin@tug.ca. Happy 25th!


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TEC Blog - In the Power Zone

Welcome to the Power Zone! Our TEC committee's approach for 2010 and 2011 is to build on our relationship with Seneca and help the TUG membership to upgrade your skills and technical vitality. This is particularly important in the shifting IBM iSeries market as well as the tough economy. Our choices in topics are very heavily influenced by extensive market research we have conducted with the TUG membership base. We see plenty of interest in all things Web and Open Source, BlackBerry and other Mobile development as well as upgrading and modernization of base System i skills.

Please visit our blog (www.tugtec.ca) and look carefully at the TUG Night School offering. This provides an easy, non-intrusive way for TUG members to dramatically upgrade skills and prepare themselves for new challenges without upsetting day-to-day operations. Its like “going back to college”. Attendees will also find the learning capacity significantly higher than “on-line” or “do it yourself” Web training. Because of our non-profit nature, the price is a FRACTION of what you would pay commercially. Finally, we are fortunate to have some world-renowned, top-level experts be your “professors”.

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Do we have your current e-mail address and other contact information? Email the TUG office to keep us up-to-date.   

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