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March 31, 2010

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The Toronto Users Group  
 for Power Systems (TUG) is a user group/forum for the exchange  
 of ideas, and specializes  
 in providing affordable 
  education relating to the  
 IBM iSeries, AS/400,  
 System i, and Power Systems platforms.  

 TUG is in its 25th year of operation.


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  1. Walkthrough of TEC 2010 Main Tracks
  2. TEC 2010 Pre-Conference Guide Now On-line
  3. TEC 2010 Blog-site Reminder
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TEC 2010 Update:register

Walkthrough of TEC 2010 Main Tracks

We’ve scheduled what we believe to be our most popular presentations in the 1206 Lecture theatre, which seats the most people. This track promises the most diverse and informative track featuring some of our most prominent speakers.

Amy Anderson12A. IBM Smart Business: Amy Anderson is the Manager of Emerging Technology in IBM’s ISV & Developer Relations organization. She and her team are primarily responsible for helping partners deliver applications that use IBM’s SaaS, Cloud, and Smart Business offerings. This is perhaps the first time that IBM Smart Business platform is being unveiled in Canada. Smart Business is essentially IBM’s approach to an integrated, packaged, self-contained, cloud-oriented appliance solution stack for SMB clients.

George Farr13A. Rational Update and What’s Next for Tools and Compilers: George Farr is a Product Manager and community leader for AD tools from the IBM Canada Lab. This session serves as an informative session to help folks understand how to apply best practices to their AD and utilize newer technology form Rational and IBM to improve their productivity. Many folks have been keen to understand IBM’s AD strategy, roadmap and products and there is plenty of new news in 2010.

15A. Best Practices for BlackBerry App Dev: Laurie Desautels is an IBM Global Beacon Award winning solution designer and project manager. Smartphones are an exciting platform but also introduce a new set of constraints on the Application and Solution Designer. As a Mobile Solution Designer, you will quickly learn that simplifying your solution by frequently asking the question “why?” is essential to its success. Laurie will provide recommendations on overcoming these constraints and review best practices for designing solutions for BlackBerry smartphones. There is an entire series of detailed session including 21H, 22H, 22B, 23B with detail for the mobile app enthusiast.

Ian Jarman16A. IBM i 6.1 and Beyond: Ian Jarman is the manager of IBM Power Systems Software. Ian’s team has responsibility for a wide range of software offerings that run on Power Systems, including AIX, i, Linux, PowerVM and PowerHA. This session of for the “i contingent”. While Ian is delivering a keynote speech to update everyone on Power Systems and associated software, this session will appeal to the i users and discuss new news on the operations system. What features and functions are new? Why should you move? What are implications?

Abe BatthishGeorge Papayiannis21A. Web 2.0 and Social Media: Abe Batthish and George Papayiannis. Come to this session to learn about how Web2.0 can become a game changer for your IT and business. Forward leading companies have told me this is one of their most critical investment areas of the year.

Paul Awad22A. Clustering your DB - DB2 pureScale: Paul Awad. IBM’s answer to Oracle RAC scales capacity linearly for transactional workload. It’s done by connecting a new node and issuing two simple commands. You don’t need to change your application code to efficiently run on multiple nodes. DB2 pureScale provides continuous availability through the use of IBM PowerHA pureScale technology on IBM Power systems and a redundant architecture. The system recovers nearly instantaneously from node failures, immediately redistributing the workload to surviving nodes.

Dr Joel Tendler23A. Power 7 Architecture: Dr. Joel Tendler is currently an Executive IT Architect. He transitioned to this position in the Fall of 2006 after spending 33 years in the IBM development laboratories. Immediately prior to this assignment, Joel was responsible for IBM’s future RISC Systems Strategy in STG. Joel is an indisputable, Worldwide-recognized POWER Systems architectural advocate. If you liked listening to Frank Soltis, you will love Joel Tendler.

Stuart Milligan25A. Modernizing RPG and 2E Apps Using Design Recovery: Stuart Milligan and Databorough have experience, expertise and tooling is ready to help you build an end-to-end project deliver you to a new and modern application endpoint. This applies to developers of homegrown RPG, Synon, and users of traditional 5250 ISV packaged applications. End-points include Java, .net or EGL-based Model-View-Controller applications which can be populated with commercial open source, wrappered code or forward-engineered Web services.

A few more special stacks worthy of your attention:

TEC’s French Contingent: Philippe Magne from Arcad will present Testing automation and audit compliance in session 13H, while Serge Charbit will highlight both technology to extent iSeries apps to WebSphere in 12E and ability to extend applications to iPhones in 21B.

AIX Track: Lecture theatre T3132 is ALL AIX ALL THE TIME. We feature AIX product manager Jay Kruemcke, Dr. Joel Tendler, Roland Koo, Lisa Jobson, and Marija Mijalkovic.

User-lead Sessions: John Brenton and Mike Mondeux from Seaway Marine Transport will walk us through Commercial Open Source enterprise deployment in 25E.

LAMP: There are plenty hands-on labs for PHP 12C and MySQL development 21D, by Jon Paris and Susan Gantner.

BPM: Finally, a practical session on Business Process Management. Rahim Lalani from Lansa will present on “Business Automation using Business Process Integration and Workflow” in 15H.

Networking: Mel Beckman, Networking Guru will come to TEC and feature an entire day’s worth of networking sessions including a highlight “Build your Own IPV6 lab” session 13B.

Beginner Sessions? Prof. Russ Pangborn from Seneca has put special emphasis on making sure we have sessions and tracks that appeal to newcomers. See 13D Journaling and Commitment Control Hands-on for anybody.

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The TEC 2010 Pre-Conference Guide is now available for reading!

The April issue of the TUG eZine is actually a dedicated Pre-Conference Guide for TEC 2010. Click here to read it online. 

Best Regards,
Vaughn Dragland   
Editor, TUG eZine
a publication of Toronto Users Group for Power Systems

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TEC 2010 Blog-site Reminder

TUG wants to know your thoughts about speakers & topics, and other related ideas for TEC 2010, so we have created a blog-site for you to post your comments.

Check it out now at: www.tec2010.ca.

You can comment on existing posts, simply by completing the form in the ”Leave a Reply” section.  You must include your email address (which will remain confidential.)   Please take the time to do this. We would like to hear from you…


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What topics would you like to see at future conferences and MoMs?   Drop us a line with your suggestions at: leo@tug.ca.
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