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COVID-19 iconCOVID-19 Update

      As we continue our 36th year, we are eager to get back to regular in-person meetings at our favourite hotels. However, in keeping with current health guidelines, we must stay home and stay safe.

The TUG Board of Directors will continue to monitor the directives from the Ministry of Health and make responsible decisions for the health and safety of our members and guests, with regards to the re-opening of our Meetings of Members (MoMs). In the meantime (instead of in-person MoMs every two months) we are planning to compensate by presenting monthly Zoom meetings!

(See THE AGENDA page for the next scheduled meeting.)

We thank You for your patience and co-operation throughout these unprecedented times.

On Behalf of the TUG Board of Directors
Vaughn Dragland, Executive Director

TUG Board - Election of Officers

In July 2020, the following Directors were elected as officers of TUG's Executive Committee:

Leo Lefebvre Dale Perkins Glenn Gundermann John Deluca
Leo Lefebvre, President
Dale Perkins,
Vice President
Glenn Gundermann, Treasurer
John Deluca, Secretary

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