TUG 2019 - Meeting of Members


The location has changed for our Meeting:
4:00 pm, Wednesday November 20, 2019!

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DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

5444 Dixie Road, Mississauga

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Kyle Foster, Partner Ecosystem Executive for IBM Systems in Canada

Kyle FosterKyle Foster has spent over 25 years with IBM Canada in a variety of successful sales management and leadership roles.

He has experience in all facets of IBM's business, including hardware, software and services sales in both large and small enterprises.

Kyle has a comprehensive history with the IBM POWER Brand and IBM i.

Daniel Lefebvre, Director of Canadian Ecosystems, Fresche Solutions

Daniel LefebvreDaniel Lefebvre has over 20 years of experience in business development for the technology industry, and has assisted many clients in improving their IT systems. He particularly excels at focusing on customer service and establishing a sustainable business relationship. With a dynamic attitude and a willingness to learn, Daniel enjoys communication, business development and teamwork. His role as the Director of the Canadian Ecosystem allows him to help Fresche's partners and clients choose the best solutions to modernize, maintain and transform their IBM i applications, thereby bringing more value to their business.

Robert Arce, IT Strategist in Client Solutions Advisory, Fresche Solutions

Robert ArceRobert Arce assists companies all over the world with their modernization projects.

He has vast experience designing and developing applications, especially for manufacturing, sales and distribution environments.

He is an expert in the X-Analysis suite for IBM i application analysis and management and is an active member of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro Midrange Systems Association (DFW MMSA users group).


     AGENDA for November 20th MoM

ADMISSION:  Free for TUG members (non-members also free,
this day only - sponsored by Freshe Solutions)

Registration  3:30 pm

4:00 pm - Session 1: Succeeding in a World full of Digital Disrupters (Speaker: Kyle Foster)

Abstract: When it comes to "Digital Disruption" we hear a great deal about the rising web-based start-ups. They dominate the news cycle; but who are the winners and who are the losers? As the world of business becomes more customer-centric and personalization of services becomes critical to success, you may be surprised to learn where the real advantages lie. Kyle will discuss why incumbency matters and why you need to unlock your true potential to better serve your clients and be a disruptor rather than be disrupted

5:00 pm - Session 2: How IBM i Modernization can help grow your business (Speaker: Daniel Lefebvre)

Abstract: Are you thinking of modernization? Whether you've just started the process, are mid-way through or are contemplating the idea, this topic is for you. Your IBM i applications may currently meet your needs, but are they future-proof? Today's highly competitive landscape and technology advancements challenge the status quo. Industry disruptors are ready to take on your market. Daniel will highlight the driving factors for modernizing your IT. He will walk you through the process, provide you with available solutions suited to your business needs and talk about customer success stories.

6:00 pm - Intermission (Buffet Dinner & Networking)

7:00 pm - Session 3: Demystifying the Challenges of IBM i Database Modernization (Speaker: Robert Arce)

Abstract: Database modernization is quite often considered a risky undertaking. Hundreds of programs may access and modify your data with native I/O and SQL. Dependencies between the tables or data is hidden within the program logic, and not directly visible. Most files are still DDS-described, so the enhancements that are available for SQL database objects cannot be used. Technologies that guarantee data consistency such as constraints or referential integrities are rarely used. Since data is the capital of most companies, modifying or even modernizing database objects is widely avoided. Consequently, databases grow over the years based on outdated technologies that require additional (and unnecessary) programming effort to keep the data consistent. Robert will discuss the challenges of database modernization. Which steps are necessary? What are the advantages and risks of modernizing the database? And finally, is it possible to redesign the database for an existing application?

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