TUG 2019 - Meeting Of Members

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Wednesday, January 23

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Tim Rowe

Tim Rowe

IBM i Business Architect
Application Development
Systems Management at IBM.

5:00 Session 1

REST Apis for IBM i.

Web Services have been an important component to modernization. IBM i has provided a Web Services engine for a number of years now, originally only creating SOAP based web services...... (more)

7:00 Session 2

Access Client Solutions (ACS) What's new

With IBM i 7.1 normal support ended last April 30, 2018, it is time to review the new possibilities that should be considered after upgrading to IBM i 7.2 or IBM i 7.3....(more)


Administration Guide to deploying ACS

IBM i Access Client Solutions is the newest member of the IBM i Access Product Family, and it is a platform independent client that is supported running on multiple Operating Systems like Macintosh, Linux, and Windows....(more)


30th TUG Golf Tournament
June 26, 2018

Winning Team

IBM Systems: Built for Blockchain

IBM i 25: It Started as a Simple Idea

IBM i 25: Integration is like...

IBM i: Virtualization Subsystems


TUG Receives Maxava iFoundation Grant

     (Summer 2015) We are pleased to report that the Toronto Users Group for Power Systems has once again received a generous grant from the Maxava iFoundation. This grant will enable TUG to initiate a host of new iSeries related education offerings for the coming season.

Stay tuned to this website and the TUG Buzz! for further details.


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