TUG MoM HISTORY (Topics & Speakers)
Season Date Time Speaker Topic
2024 / 25 Sept 25, 2024 5:00PM Steve Pitcher
(Service Express)
Malware Prevention and Remediation for IBM i
7:00PM Steve Pitcher
(Service Express)
Rapid Fire Admin
Oct. 23, 2024 12:00PM Kosta Makropoulos (IBM) IBM Storage
Nov. 4-6, 2024 COMMON NAVIGATE Weston Harbor Castle, Toronto
Nov. 20, 2024
5:00PM Sarah Mackenzie
DB2 Analytics - Part 1
7:00PM Sarah Mackenzie
DB2 Analytics - Part 2
2023 / 24 Sep. 21, 2023 5:00PM Mark Irish (IBM) Integrating Node.js and IBM i
7:00PM Mark Irish (IBM) Kafka and IBM i
Oct. 18, 2023 12:00PM Alan Ashley
(ARCAD Software)
Test Data Management - are you protecting your data?
Nov. 29, 2023
5:00PM Alan Hamm
(Fresche Solutions)
Current State of IBM i Security
7:00PM Alan Hamm
(Fresche Solutions)
Best Practices for the IBM i Security Administrator
Dec. 13, 2023 12:00PM Tim Lalonde (Mid-Range) Mid-Range Cloud Roadmap:
IBM Power & Related x86 Platforms
Jan. 24, 2024 5:00PM Jesse Gorzinski
Open Source: How to not mess it up
7:00PM Jesse Gorzinski
What's new in VSCode
Feb. 21, 2024 12:00PM Dan Magid (Eradani) Git-based DevOps or the Next Generation of IBM i Applications
Mar. 20, 2024 5:00PM Barbara Morris (IBM) RPG and Unicode
7:00PM Barbara Morris (IBM What's new for RPG in 7.4 and 7.5A
Apr. 17, 2024 12:00PM Carol Woodbury
(DXR Security)   &
Tamara Vandersluis
Modernizing the Way you Manage IBM i Security
May 22, 2024 5:00PM Susan Gantner
(Service Express)
Quick Start Guide for Code for i - for RPGers
7:00PM Jon Paris
(Service Express)
Random RPG Thoughts and Musings
June 26, 2024 12:00PM Alan Seiden (Seiden Group) What’s New and Exciting on IBM i
Jul. 24, 2024 12:00PM (Midrange Dynamics) TBA
Aug. 21, 2024 12:00PM Andrew McKeown Using AI with RPGIV
2022 / 23 Sep. 21, 2022 5:00PM Scott Forstie (IBM)  What is SYSTOOLS and how can you leverage it?
7:00PM Scott Forstie (IBM) Best practices for debugging and servicing SQL PL
Oct. 19, 2022 12:00PM Alan Ashley (Arcad) Don't forget your CT in your CI/CD pipeline
Nov. 23, 2022 5:00PM Edmund Reinhardt (IBM) "BOB" (Better Object Builder)
7:00PM Andrew Vaiciunas & Grant Cooper (LANSA) Data Integration
Dec. 14, 2022 12:00PM Mikel Pearce (CyberClan) The True Cost of a Cyber Breach
Jan. 18, 2023 5:00PM Liam Allan (IBM) RPGLE as a Web Service
7:00PM Liam Allan (IBM) RPG Tips and Tricks
Feb. 15, 2023 12:00PM Ray Everhart
(Fresche Solutions)
Simplifying IBM i Application Management with X-Analysis
Mar.22, 2023 5:00PM Tim Rowe (IBM) IBM Navigator for i
7:00PM Tim Rowe (IBM) Modernization Engine for Lifecycle Integration (Merlin)
Apr. 19, 2023 7:00 PM Simon Hutchinson
(SQL) Temporal Tables
May 24, 2023 5:00PM Tamara Vandersluis (R2i) Topic: IBM i Best Kept Secrets
7:00PM Jon Paris & Susan Gantner (Partner/400) Topic: The New World of RPG Arrays
Jun. 21, 2023 12:00PM Alan Seiden
(The Seiden Group)
Topic: API Examples Using RPG, Node.js, PHP, and Python
Jul. 19, 2023 12:00PM Alan Ashley & Ray Bernardi
Topic: Bring Your Own Tools to IBM i - Git, VS Code, RDi, and more!
Aug. 23, 2023 12:00PM Speaker: Rob Swanson
(CNX Corp.)
Topic: Using SQL to pull web service data into your IBM i applications
2021 / 22 Sep. 22, 2021 5:00PM Jon Paris & Susan Gantner (Partner/400) Introduction to RPG's "INTO" FAMILY [XML-INTO and DATA-INTO]
7:00PM Jon Paris & Susan Gantner (Partner/400) What's New in IDEs for RPG Developers
Oct. 20, 2021 12:00PM Greg Patterson & Daniel Lefebvre (Fresche) APIs and Integration - Developing A Strategy That Works for You!
Nov. 17, 2021
5:00PM Tom Hoover (IBM) Power 10 Announcements
7:00PM Grant Cooper & Andrew Vaiciunas (LANSA) Low-Code and Responsive Web Portals for the IBM i
Dec. 15, 2021 7:00PM Barbara Morris (IBM) RPG Features You Might Have Missed
Jan. 19, 2022 5:00PM Jeff Tickner (ARCAD) Everything you wanted to know about Git but were afraid to ask
7:00PM Shawn Donovan (MAXAVA) What's New for 2022 (MAXAVA)
Feb. 16, 2022 12:00PM Pete Massiello
(iTech Solutions)
What to Know When Moving to the Cloud
Mar. 21, 2022 5:00PM Charlie Hird
(Shield Advanced Solutions)
Monitoring IBM i with Open Source
7:00PM Jon Paris & Susan Gantner (Partner/400) Processing JSON with RPG
Apr. 20, 2022 12:00PM Donna Westmoreland (Midrange Dynamics) Make Bold Moves (Modernization)
May 26, 2022 4:00PM Birgitta Hauser Generate and Consume JSON with SQL
7:00PM Birgitta Hauser SQL: Group By, Having, and Multi-Dimensional Grouping
Jun. 22, 2022 12:00PM Robert Arce  (Fresche) API Strategy: Facilitating Application Modernization and Improved Integration with IBM i
Jul. 20, 2022 7:00PM Barbara Morris  (IBM) What's new for RPG in 7.5
Aug. 24, 2022 12:00PM Tamara Vandersluis & Bill Hammon  (R2i) IBM i Security
2020 / 21 Sep. 19, 2020 7:00PM Charlie Guarino One Order of Code Refactoring With a Side of RDi
Oct. 21, 2020 2:00PM Barbara Morris What's new in 7.4 for RPG (and in 7.3 with PTFs)
Nov. 18, 2020 7:00PM Jim Buck Modernization and 21st Century Skills / (How to Move your Business into the 21st Century on IBM i)
Dec. 16, 2020 2:00PM John Dominic & Shawn Donovan Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership for Disaster Recovery Starting Day 1
Jan. 21, 2021 2:00PM Sarah Mackenzie What's New in Db2 for i
Feb. 17, 2021 12:00PM Stuart Milligan & Michael Morgan DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines in the IBM i World
Mar.17, 2021 7:00PM Bartlomiej Grabowski LPARKit- Tool for quick deployment LPARs
Apr. 21, 2021 12:00PM Tim Lalonde and Dale Perkins Power Systems Monitoring" & "IBM Announcements
May 19, 2021 7:00PM Dan Magid Javascript 101 for the RPG programmer
Jun. 16, 2021 12:00PM Ray Bernardi  Safeguard IBM i Code Quality & Security whilst 'Shifting Defects Left'
Jul. 21, 2021 7:00PM Steve Pitcher IBM i Security Risks and Exposures: The Real Effects of Malware
Aug. 25, 2021 12:00PM Tamara Vandersluis & Dan Chase with John Karaba Ansible on Power with an IBM i Focus
2019 / 20 Sep. 25, 2019 5:00PM Steve Will IBM i in It's Not Just AS/400
7:00PM Barbara Morris Best Practices for Modern RPG
Nov. 20, 2019 4:15PM Kyle Foster Succeeding in a world full of Digital Disrupters
5:10PM Daniel Lefebvre How IBM i Modernazation can help grow your Business
7:00PM Robert Arse Demystifying the Challenges of IBM i Database Modernization
Jan. 22, 2020 4:15PM Richard Dolewski Presenting through Visual Innovation 30 min – TED Talk !!!
5:15PM Richard Dolewski Truth or Daring!
7:00PM Richard Dolewski IBMi Resiliency – Lessons learned from Real Disasters
Mar. 18, 2020 Cancelled (COVID 19) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
May 20, 2020 5:00PM Marija Mijalkovic Artificial Intelligence
7:00PM Marija Mijalkovic Artificial Intelligence
2018 / 19 Sep. 19, 2018 5:00PM Ted Holt SQL Aggregation without Aggravation
7:00PM Ted Holt The SQL Procedures Language in a Nutshell
Nov. 21, 2018 5:00PM Barbara Morris & Edmund Reinhard Test Driven Development - Leveraging Best Practices for RPG and IBM i Development
7:00PM Barbara Morris Best Practices for RPG Coding
Jan. 23, 2019 5:00PM Tim Rowe REST Apis for IBM i
7:00PM Tim Rowe ACS Administration Guide Final (1) & ACS Latest and Greatest (2)
Mar. 20, 2019 5:00PM Alison Butterill REST Apis
7:00PM Trevor Perry Practicalities of IBM i Modernization
May. 22, 2019 5:00PM Tom Hoover V7R4 Overview -- IBM i
7:00PM Tom Hoover DB2 Mirror for i
2017 / 18 Sep. 20, 2017 5:00PM Thibault Dambrine SQL Joins and Aggregate Functions
7:00PM Thibault Dambrine Data Conversion Methods
Nov. 29, 2017 5:00PM Jim Kandrac's Top Five Ways To Protect Your Organization From Data Loss & Cyber Hackers
7:00PM Eric Simpson's RDi What's New in 9.6
Jan. 31, 2018 5:00PM John Valance IBM i SQL Stored Procedures and Application Modernization
7:00PM John Valance Connecting the Dots - Web Application Development with PHP, HTML and CSS
Mar. 21, 2018 5:00PM Dale Perkins / Sam Tawakol IBM Power 9 - a Game Changer
7:00PM Glenn Gundermann / Amador Silvestre / Grant Cooper The Only Bad Decision is NO Decision!
May. 18, 2018 5:00PM Susan Gantner ILE Myths and Misconceptions
7:00PM Jon Paris Tap Into RPG Open Source Options
2016 / 17 Sep. 28, 2016 5:00PM Charlie Guarino Intro to processing XML in RPG & SQL XML
7:00PM Charlie Guarino Putting the Pedal to the Metal for Web Services on IBM i
Nov. 30, 2016 5:00PM Michael Wing-King&
Richard Sitt
DB2 Webquery & Webfocus
7:00PM Eric Simpson What’s new in RDi 9.5.1
Jan. 18, 2017 5:00PM Robert Bestgen DB2 Temporal
7:00PM Robert Bestgen SQL Procedure Language
Mar. 29, 2017 5:00PM Jesse Gorzinski Overview of Open Source & Tools for OpenSource on IBM i
7:00PM Jesse Gorzinski Building Python Web Applications with Bottle
May 24, 2017 5:00PM Jim Buck Failure to Modernize – The Real Cost
7:00PM Jim Buck DARN... CURSORED AGAIN! - Using SQL & CURSORS in Your Programs
2015 / 16 Sep. 23, 2015 6:00PM Dr Frank Soltis IBM i: Yesterday Today & Tomorrow *** TUG's 30th Anniversary
Nov. 18, 2015 5:00PM Barbara Morris What s New for RPG in 7.2
7:00PM Eric Simpson What s New for RDi in 9.5
Jan. 20, 2016 5:00PM Tim Rowe My Emulator is Better than Yours
7:00PM Tim Rowe Let's Get Mobile - A Hands On Introduction to IBM i Mobile Access
Mar. 19, 2016 5:00PM Brian May Hiring and Retaining Development Talents
7:00PM Brian May Organizing an ILE Application
May 27, 2016 5:00PM Jon Paris Processing XML with RPG
Aaron Bartell Intro to Git ** Facetious title: Squirrel Rashes
Edmund Reinhardt Rational Developer for i - Latest and Greatest Features
7:00PM Jon Paris What's New for RPG in 7.3
2014 / 15 Sep. 24, 2014 5:00PM Glenn Gundermann Why SQL?
7:00PM Alan Boxall New Features in Debug and Code in RDi V9.1
Nov. 21, 2014 5:00PM Susan Gantner More Favourite Things about RSE (aka RDi)
7:00PM Jon Paris Generating XML with RPG
Jan. 21, 2015 5:00PM Alan Seiden Bring RPG/COBOL business logic to the web with the PHP Toolkit
7:00PM Alan Seiden PHP Tricks for the RPG Programmer: graphics, Excel, PDFs, E-Mail and More
Mar. 12, 2015 5:00PM Steven Wolk Management by the Movies
7:00PM Steven Wolk Command Jeopardy
May 22, 2015 5:00PM Ted Holt Fun!(damental) and Fun!(ctional) Table-driven Programming
7:00PM Ted Holt Thirty SQL Tips in Sixty Minutes
2013 / 14 Sep. 18, 2013 5:00PM Nihal Perera IBM i Client Access Solutions
7:00PM Dr Frank Soltis IBM i Just Celebrated its 25th Anniversary, Now What?
Nov. 20, 2013 5:00PM Brian Bennett EXTEND The Reach of IBM i: Accelerating Business Integration
7:00PM Barbara Morris IBM TR7 Announcement: The BIG impact on RPG
Jan. 22, 2014 5:00PM John Fellner & Eric Simpson Rational Developer for IBM i latest enhancements
7:00PM Jackie Jansen Mobile Analysis and More with DB2 Web Query
Mar. 19, 2014 5:00PM Linda Swan DB2 for i Performance - Utilizing DB2 for i
7:00PM Linda Swan DB2 for i Indexing Strategy
May 21, 2014 5:00PM Dale Perkins Power8 Systems Introduction
7:00PM Nihal Perera IBM i 7.2 Overview
2012 / 13 Sep. 26, 2012 5:00PM Alison Butterill IBM i: Today & Tomorrow
7:00PM John Fellner - Xuan Chen
Ash Hariharan - Eric Simpson
Rational Team Concert
Nov. 21, 2012 5:00PM Nihal Perera Recent IBM Announcemente - IBM i TR5
7:00PM Trevor Perry Are you Still an IT Survivor?
Jan. 23, 2013 5:00PM Bruce Vining CL - The Story Continues
7:00PM Bruce Vining What's New in System API's
Mar. 20, 2013 5:00PM Nihal Perera IBM i 7.1 Technology Refresh 6
7:00PM Mike Warkentin ReXX for CL Programmers
May 22, 2013 5:00PM Richard Dolewski Sandy - A Disaster Declaration
7:00PM Richard Dolewski Business Continuity for 21st Century
2011 / 12 Oct. 26, 2011 5:00PM Dale Perkins Power Systems™ Oct. 2011 Announcements: What do they mean to you!
7:00PM Dale Perkins Deep-Dive into Selected Announcements
Nov. 21, 2011 5:00PM Edmund Reinhardt - Eric Chan Visual Design Tools in Rational Developer for Power
7:00PM Barbara Morris - Kushal Munir Open Access RPG with Web Services
Jan. 18, 2012 5:00PM Jeff Willar What I Learned On The Way To The Data Centre
7:00PM Mike Pavlak Toolkits for PHP Web Application Consolidation
Mar. 21, 2012 5:00PM Scott Urness Manage, Integrate and Automate with IBM Systems Director on IBM i
7:00PM Jim Cooper Programming RPG Application with Ajax, JSON, and jQuery
May 23, 2012 5:00PM Rahim Lalani IBM i: Don’t be left behind in the Mobile Revolution
7:00PM Paul McDonald Extend your DDS/RPG skills to the World of Mobile App development
2010 / 11 Sep. 22, 2010 5:00PM Dale Perkins Update on recent IBM Announcements
7:00PM Vic Metcalfe PHP for System i5
Dec 1, 2010 2:00PM Mike Fulton Recent Power 7 Announcements
4:00PM Barbara Morris Open Access RPG
Jan. 20, 2011 5:00PM John de Roos What’s new at RIM?
7:00PM John de Roos How do I develop BlackBerry / Mobile apps?
Mar. 23, 2011 5:00PM Claus Weiss WebServices for RPG
7:00PM Steven Finnes Power Systems™ Product Manager for PowerHA®
Apr. 28, 2011 6:00PM Ian Jarman What Powers Watson?
2009 / 10 Sep. 23, 2009 5:00PM Roger Singh Virtualization – the Next frontier
7:00PM Dale Perkins Power VM
Nov. 18, 2009 5:00PM Graham Churchill & Cloud Computing
7:00PM Sandra Weir Cloud Computing (Second Part)
Feb. 17, 2010 1:30PM Hayden Lindsay - Danny Mace Rational Strategy
3:30PM Chuck Wallace Details on POWER 7 announcement.
Apr. 27, 2010 5:30PM Ian Jarman Power Systems in 2010 and Beyond
7:00PM Doug Elliot AIX Presentation - NPIV
Jun. 2, 2010 2:00PM John Mascarenhas System Storage Trends for i Users
2008 / 09 Sep. 17, 2008 5:00PM Don Yantzi Rdi for Beginners
7:00PM Nazmin Haji Remote Systems LPEX editor
Nov. 19, 2008 5:00PM Kurt Rump - Erwin Early - Randy Ruhlow IBM Power of i Tour (Canada) -- Innovation Served Simply
7:00PM Frank Soltis General Topic
Jan. 28, 2009 5:00PM Jon Paris Application Modernization Strategies: From Web Enablement to New Application Development
7:00PM Susan Gantner New Tricks for Old RPG Dogs
Mar. 24, 2009 6:00PM David von Eper The New Power Equation for Dynamic Infrastructure *** MoM @ TEC 2009
May 20, 2009 5:00PM John de Roos Integrating Blackberry into IT Infrastructure
7:00PM John de Roos Developing Blackberry Applications
2007 / 08 Oct. 3, 2007 5:00PM Robert Eckersley Even Further Beyond Query/400: WebFOCUS, the Big Daddy to DB2 Web Query
7:00PM Frank Soltis System I Direction Tour
Nov. 21, 2007 5:00PM Alison Butterill Why PHP?
7:00PM Trevor Perry How to be an IT Survivor
Jan. 30, 2008 1:00PM George Farr Special Meeting of Members at the IBM Toronto Lab
3:00PM Wendy Toh Rational Announcement
Mar. 19, 2007 5:00PM Barry Pow V6R1 Announcement in Detail
7:00PM Barbara Morris What’s New for RPG
May 28, 2008 5:00PM Scott Klement Accessing the IFS from RPG IV
7:00PM Scott Klement Excel Spreadsheets from RPG with POI
2006 / 07 Sep. 27, 2006 5:00PM John Mascharenas PHP for System i5
7:00PM Doug Mack DB2 V5R4 and On Demand Performance Center is SIZZLING HOT!
Nov. 22, 2006 5:00PM Trevor Perry No! No! Yes and?
7:00PM Alison Butterill Embedding SQL in a HLL Program
Jan. 24, 2007 5:00PM Chris Hird Using i5/OS Technology to Get More Availability for Less
7:00PM Richard Dolewski DR & Security Confessions — The Movie
Mar. 21, 2007 5:00PM Kevin Puloski Remote Manager Service
7:00PM Jim Cooper RPG Web Development
May 30, 2007 5:00PM Jackie Jansen DB2 Web Query for System i
7:00PM Randall Munson Magic of System i; What IBM Will Never Tell You!
2005 / 06 Sep. 28, 2005 5:00PM Nahla Kor Dealing with Difficult People
7:00PM Carol Woodbury IFS Security
Nov. 23, 2005 5:00PM Joe Walsh - Robert Eckersley Business Intelligence
7:00PM Trevor Perry SOA is Not Just Another TLA (3 letter-Acronym)
Jan. 18, 2006 5:00PM Richard Dolewski Best Practices for iSeries
7:00PM Karen McGregor, Charles Machalani Net Interoperability w/ iSeries
Mar. 22, 2006 5:00PM Garth Tucker - Jonathan Perry - Mark Buchner Managing Systems
7:00PM Stephen Quan - David Van Geilswyk IBM i5 & V5R4 Announcement
May 24, 2006 2:30PM Bob Cancilla Enterprise Generation Language (EGL)
4:15PM Robert Schuster System i5 Integration
2004 / 05 Sep. 22, 2004 4:30PM Claus Weiss WSCd Forum
5:15PM Peter Beggs Business Integration
7:00PM Mark Buchner EAM
Nov. 17, 2004 5:00PM Guy Vig V5R3 CL Enhancements: Command Documentation
7:00PM Guy Vig V5R3 CL Enhancements: CL Compiler
Jan. 19, 2005 5:00PM Richard Dolewski Installing V5R3 on iSeries
7:00PM John Still Hardware Management Console
Mar. 23, 2005 5:00PM Kushal Munir IBM’s eGL & JSF
7:00PM George Farr IBM’s Investment in RPG, Past Current + Future
May 18, 2005 5:00PM Adeline Chun IBM’s HATS
7:00PM Stephen Quan IBM’s WAS 6
2003 / 04 Sep. 17, 2003 5:00PM Garth Tucker Linux
7:00PM Dale Perkins Open Office
Nov. 19, 2003 5:00PM Doug Fulmer Why Websphere?
7:00PM Doug Fulmer What is Websphere?
Jan. 21, 2004 5:00PM Paul Conte Software Development Survival Guide (P 1)
7:00PM Paul Conte Software Development Survival Guide (P 2)
Mar. 24, 2004 5:00PM Bill Smiley - Wes Helms Sarbanes-Oxley
7:00PM George Farr - Phil Coulthard Remote System Explorer (RSE)
May 19, 2004 5:00PM PIPEDa Dave Smith
7:00PM Dale Perkins i5 Announcement Review
2002 / 03 Sep. 18, 2002 5:00PM Dale Perkins re-Discover Your AS/400
7:00PM Jim Fall Apache on iSeries 101
Nov. 20, 2002 5:00PM Jim Balsillie Wireless World
7:00PM Eden Watt Extending iSeries for Wireless & XML
Jan. 22, 2003 5:00PM Tom McBride Integrated File System (IFS)
7:00PM Robb Wiedrich Tool Box for Java
Mar. 19, 2003 5:00PM Mitchell Shnier In-Building Wireless Networks
7:00PM Jim Sloan Application Programming Interface (API)
May 21, 2003 5:00PM Mike Warkentin High Availability
7:00PM Brian Bennett EDI and the Internet
2001 / 02 Sep. 19, 2001 5:00PM Charles Machalani Multi-Platform Connectivity
7:00PM Kent Milligan DB2 / UDB - What’s New?
Nov. 21, 2001 5:00PM Nancy Roper What's Hot and New in iSeries Storage?
7:00PM Mira Shnier Infoprint Designer & Infoprint Server
Jan. 23, 2002 4:00PM Richard Dolewski Disaster Recovery
7:00PM George Farr - Phil Coulthard Application Development
Mar. 20, 2002 5:00PM Dave Boutcher Linux on System i
7:00PM Alison Butterill Using SQL in an HLL (or iSeries) Program
May 22, 2002 4:00PM Alison Butterill Introduction to the IBM Toronto Lab
7:00PM Tim Alpers Apr. 29th iSeries Announcement
2000 / 01 Sep. 20, 2000 5:00PM Dick Schasberger - Mark Buchner Component / Object Introduction
7:00PM Tamas Perlaki Practical Examples Using Websphere
Nov. 22, 2000 5:00PM Tom Hoover Oct. 3rd IBM Announcement
7:00PM Ken Dafoe - Vince Francis iSeries 400 Data Access
Jan. 24, 2001 5:00PM Chuck Heller Keep Your Servers Serving
7:00PM Jon Paris RPG is Dead -- Long Live RPG!
Mar. 21, 2001 5:00PM Eden Watt e-Commerce Applications
7:00PM John Earl iSeries Securityin a Networked World
May 23, 2001 5:00PM Greg Gulyas IBM’s e-Server Strategy
7:00PM Kimberley Stevensons Apr. 2001 Announcement Review
1999 / 00 Sep. 1, 1999 5:00PM Garth Tucker - Jay Burford How to Set up Your AS/400
7:00PM Byron Goodes How to Set up Your AS/400
Nov. 17, 1999 5:00PM Mark Orlan e-Business
7:00PM Mark Orlan e-Business
Jan. 19, 2000 5:00PM Tom Huntington Automate or Lose Control
7:00PM Richard Dolewski LPAR
Mar. 22, 2000 5:00PM George Farr RPG IV, What's Next?
7:00PM Claus Weiss VARPG does Java
May 24, 2000 5:00PM Joan Burek VPN (Virtual Private Network)
7:00PM Thibault Dambrine FTP Automation on AS/400
1998 / 99 Sep. 23, 1998 5:00PM Scot McBurney Web Apps / Browser Server Computing
7:00PM Evelyn Porter Web Commerce
Nov. 18, 1998 5:00PM Ken Sadler Project Management
7:00PM Bob Cozzi RPG IV, What's Next?
Jan. 20, 1999 5:00PM Phil Coulthard RPG Roadmap for New Millenium
7:00PM Claus Weiss Visual Age for RPG (Demo)
Mar. 24, 1999 5:00PM Linda Cole Business Inteilligence Review
7:00PM Tom Hoover Feb. 1999 Announcement Review
May 19, 1999 5:00PM Charles Machalani Web Access to SNA Host Applications
7:00PM Bob Janiak Internet Security and Encryption
1997 / 98 Sep. 17, 1997 5:00PM Charlie Harter Business Sense of Web enabling Your AS/400
7:00PM Dan Mair Do’s & Don’t /Connecting AS/400 & Internet
Nov. 19, 1997 5:00PM Ken Sadler - Mark Rodrigues Lotus Notes & the AS/400
7:00PM George Farr - Phil Coulthard Java for the RPG Programmer
Jan. 21, 1998 5:00PM Laura Knapp - Tom Hadley The Basics of Internet Security
7:00PM Laura Knapp - Tom Hadley How the Domain Name Servers Ease Internet Access
Mar. 18, 1998 5:00PM Marc Julien IBM O/S 400 V4R2 Overview
7:00PM Ted Scharf Lotus Domino, Native on AS/400
May 20, 1998 5:00PM Mira Shnier Network Printing with AS/400
7:00PM Noel Paterson Network Computers / NC